A Face to Be Reckoned With
by Lisa Oldham

Paul Richards' wife, Monica Keating, once told an interviewer, 
"Paul's trouble is that he always thought he had to look like Clark Gable."

Well, with a face like this, I don't think Paul should have worried...


Since Paul Richards usually portrayed villains, we seldom get to see him in a romantic setting. Below are some rare stills from The Unknown Terror, a 1957 horror flick in which good-guy PR and pals pursue a yucky fungus monster that one online reviewer described as looking "like it came from a dishwasher with an overactive thyroid"! Oh, well...Along the way, PR got to buss co-star Mala Powers. (By the way, the working title of the film was Beyond Terror, which is why the numbers on the pix are prefaced with "BT" instead of "UT".)

Some more behind the scenes pix:

(I have no idea who the smiley dude on the left is...)

PR is second from the right here, and that's the film's director Charles Marquis Warren second from the left.

PR right, with unknown visitors

A super-serious PR, circa 1963